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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Linda from KY

    My best friend lived in Evansville about ten years ago, and I drove there a few times to visit. I would take I-71 S to I-64W and then get onto I-69 to head to Evansville. One time when I was still on I-64W I ran into a really serious spring storm. The storm, as they often do, was coming from the west and I was driving straight into it. The rain was coming down in sheets and huge hail. I had to pull over because I couldn’t see. I was so scared. I called my husband, but the storm was so loud, I couldn’t hear what he was telling me. I’m pretty sure he was trying to pray with me, though. I found out later there had been tornado sightings nearby. I’m so thankful for God’s protection over me that day!

    I found Evansville to be a charming town. My best friend and I both play flute, and we went to a music store to find flute duet music on one visit. Whenever my kids came with me, they had a great time too. I would like to go back there with my husband one day. It’s funny you mention Evansville being in between Louisville and St. Louis because I was thinking about before I read the article. I remember seeing the sign for St. Louis, which I think was still about 280 miles from Evansville, and wondering what it would be like to just keep on driving. I’ve never seen the Gateway Arch. I’d like to do that someday.


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