Adams County, Ohio Amish


Adams County, Ohio Amish

A church bench wagon serves the Adams County, Ohio Amish settlement.


State Route 32, the Appalachian Highway, as it meanders across southern Ohio’s hill country.  The four-lane highway starts out as a typical artery hemmed in by fast-food restaurants and suburban shopping malls, but quickly emerges into the verdant countryside and smokey-colored hills of the area known as “Edge of Appalachia.”  Here, the corn country of Ohio’s farm belt disappears and is replaced with rock-ribbed hills, deep valleys, and rushing creeks. Travel long enough east from Cincinnati and you’ll end up in Adams County, Ohio.  Long one of Ohio’s poorest counties, the Amish started moving to the area in the early 1970s, infusing the economically parched hills with needed commerce.  The tiny ribbons of road in Adams County are now home to dozens of Amish-owned businesses.

Also, Adams County is home to this gem: When it comes to Amish Country lodging it doesn’t get much better than The Murphin Ridge Inn.   I give this gem an “Editor’s Choice” recommendation in The Williams Guide to Amish Country because it really is one of the best – if not the best – lodging options in Amish Country (I hedge because the Cherry Creek Inn in New York’s Conewango Valley is also awesome). 

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