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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Linda Bolt

    I am wondering if it is OK to Pin photos from this site. I do see that you have a Pin It button. So does that mean it is OK?

    I pinned the Hobo Supper photo; looks delicious!

    1. Kevin

      Pin away, Linda!:)

  2. Theresa

    Oh Lovina, that Hobo super sounds delicious. I will definately try that!! You folks are so lucky to have had rain, I am on the east sie of Michigan, we didn’t get hardly any rain at all. I am hwever using plastic milk jugs as drip irrigation. I poke 2-4 holes in the bottom with an ice-pick, then set jug by the plants & fill using a funnel to pour the water into the jug.

  3. Noreen Elliott

    I’ll make that hobo dinner tomorrow night – sounds yummy!!! As do all of Lovina’s recipes!!!
    Glad you got some rain – we have been getting a couple of inches each afternoon for a couple of weeks now down here in Florida!!!! So blessed down here.

  4. Wendy

    I’m remembering a friend whose family had butchered their own chickens for the first time – she said she had to “hide” the meat in soups and stews for a while. No recognizable chicken parts allowed!

  5. Jan Landwehr

    Hello Lovina: I enjoyed you telling about butchering the chickens. My grandmother raised chickens and we use to watch my Grandfather butcher them for Sunday supper. I had no problem with that. I did have a problem eating beef that my grandparents butchered because I loved the little heifers., they had such cute faces.

    As for the Hobo supper, we used to do these in Girl Scouts over a camp fire but we would put a hamburger patty in them in stead of sausage, Your children might like that too.

    I always enjoy your column online or in the Cincinnati Enquirer.


    Jan Landwehr

  6. Virginia Morse

    My brother decided to butcher chickens one year . He had his four sisters there to help . We had all seen our Mother do it , so we all thought this will be easy . Well my brother said when ever they thawed out a package of chicken, He called it ” chicken surprise ” because every package had pieces that were different . One good thing we had a wonderful time doing it together !

  7. Nicole Holland

    Im wondering if there is any amish in sarasota who will butcher poultry for me?


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