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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Jane

    So the Amish vote? I needn’t realize this. Since they don’t take part in social security and other government plans I am surprised!

    1. Kevin

      Hi, Jane – There is nothing in Amish church doctrine that says they CAN’T vote, they just usually don’t. Presidential politics are usually too fraught with peril for the Amish to involve themselves with. The Amish are far, far more likely to vote on local issues like fire levies or mental healthy levies or a zoning issue….but Amish voting in a Presidential race, while not forbidden, is rare – Kevin

  2. crispy-pie-crust

    I don’t know anyone at my church (as a Conservative Mennonite) who votes and I certainly can’t imagine supporting anyone (verbally) who has been married 3 times and says he has never repented. The PAC may try, but I can’t see it getting very far since voting is an out and out no-no in church standards at the conservative and ultra conservative conferences that I know about outside of my own. So is belonging to a union, activist group, political organizations etc.–all are a no-go.

    1. Kevin

      It’s interesting because I almost find that the New Order Amish and conservative Mennonite churches like yourself are less likely to vote than some Old Order…I have my theories as to why, maybe I’ll expound upon them sometime….thank you for the informative comment, Wildfrond!


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