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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Nan

    My thought in reading the decline of the newsletter is that the very act of cooking has declined. I still love to cook and enjoy seeing a few ingredients and some effort turn into a delicious dish or dessert. That seems to be lost on most young people. I have married sons whose wives consider if they sling together a blue box of mac and cheese together that they have cooked. My grandchildren have no clue about good country cooking. My granddaughter wanted me to buy some fudge at a store at a hugely exaggerated price. When i told her we could make a pan full for that price she looked at me as though I was a wizard. She honestly did not know candy could be made at home. It is sad. Even out local school cafeterias where the “lunch ladies ” made homemade food on a daily basis have changed. For a very high price they now serve chicken nuggets, pizza, french fries and whatever else requires a quick reheat. Fast food is now the norm and chain restaurants advertising a special at $10.99 and up for a meal. I could make an entire meal for that. I realize many wives now work outside the home but with modern appliances and labor saving food perep machines I think there is still no reason not to cook. Guess I am just a cranky old woman but by gosh I can cook.

    1. Kevin

      Welcome, Nan…I liked your post, thank you for leaving it and if you can cook, I can deal with the cranky, I’ll come over for supper anytime!:)

  2. Jim

    Hi Keven,

    To me, “Clear Gel” has it’s place, but not in a pie. Gram always used a couple of tablespoons of flour sprinkled over the fruit or berries. Yes, the pie was still a bit runny, unlike a store bought one. And to me, that was the difference between a “Homemade” and “Store Bought.” And, the proof is in the pudding by the taste of each. 😀

    1. Kevin

      Interesting, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jim…flour is a good thickener


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