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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Emmy O.

    Always love to read Lovina’s column! I have a quick (and maybe somewhat silly) question. I notice in a lot of her menus she includes sliced cheese or just cheese. Is their a specific type they eat? I am intrigued by the serving of cheese with a meal. I use cheese on sandwiches or in a recipe but not as part of the meal and I actually want to incorporate it. Any info? Thanks and again LOVE the column~

    1. Dawn Kirk

      I hope you’ll get a proper answer.It seems I remember Lovina writing something not too long ago about buying a big block of cheese from a certain vendor…Maybe they put out a big hunk with a knife so the guests can slice off a piece & eat it with whatever they wish.Does anybody know about this cheese at the table custom?? (I hope it was okay I wrote in place of perhaps where Kevin is supposed to)

      1. Dawn Kirk

        To Emmy O. again-I quickly found the column about cheese,it ran on March 19th-you can go to “older posts”after the most current column til you find that one-Lovina tells about buying up to a 16 lb. colby horn. BUT,I don’t want to ruin your question if you would like more info. so I’ll let Kevin speak here-hee hee.
        Dawn K.

      2. Emmy O.

        Dawn thank you!! It was so sweet of you to help. I am going to read that column now, though I am sure I did but must have “missed” the cheese info…lol. Thanks again~

  2. Carol Morris

    I really liked this column and especially the pictures from Lovina’s wedding. I loved the blue and white. The cakes and decorations so nice, not pretentious ,of course, but very pretty. I look forward each week to the column. Keep up the good work.

  3. Harriet Ritter

    This was a very interesting column. I always look forward to Lovina’s writings and whenever her column is missing from our daily paper, I feel a big let down. The wedding cakes were so pretty and looked delicicous…made my mouth water!

  4. Jill

    I love the pictures of Lovina’s cake table! So simple, yet warm and beautiful. I think that the Amish in Berne are wise to go to a covered buggy, I would think it would be warmer, dryer and safer to travel in. When I was pulling into Fountain Acre foods the other day, an open buggy was leaving the store. Then when I went to Miller’s dry goods, there was a covered buggy there. Do you know what the standard buggy is for Wayne County?

  5. Magdalena

    We drove out to Kalona today, stopping at Stringtown Grocery, where the sight of a Plain woman with an English man drew a little discreet attention! (I was wearing an all black outfit, but it was skirt and blouse, with a full cape and apron, and the stiff white kapp. My skirts are mostly longer than what Amish women wear.) I noted the rows of rhubarb growing in side yards or at the edge of gardens. Strawberry-rhubarb pie is a big favorite here, it seems.

  6. Dorothy Shaulis

    I love to read Lovina’s column. It is always so interesting and I look forward each week to reading it. I like the cake table and the way everything is set up.

  7. lorraine stoddard

    I always look forward to Lovina’s column. Both pictures are very nice. The table setting is beautiful,and the cakes look so good! Thanks for posting. I think that covered buggies is a good thing.

  8. Dawn Kirk

    The cakes are beautiful and having fruit in the bowl is very thoughtful for those who can’t or don’t wish to partake in sweets.The blue color is refreshing.

  9. Charlotte

    Would that “cabbage salad” be cole slaw or something different? Maybe Lovina could give us a recipe.

  10. Nancy LaLiberte

    Everything was so interesting until I read about getting splattered with mud in bad weather. Can you imagine taking the little children or a baby along, and having them splattered with mud??

  11. matthew haffner

    we drive from muncie every two weeks to go to Fountain City to the Amish Grocery Store there. my family loves the pies that we get from there. I have been working at making our lives more layed back ad not to dependant on the privledges that we have, I look forward to reading more in the future


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