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  1. Magdalena

    Just smear your bread with a little drippings.

  2. Sandra Kaczanowcke

    Wasn’t there something similar a while back called Dijonnaise that was dijon mustard and mayo? I think that would be better than this. I’ll just add a slice or two of bacon to what ever I’m having, thanks just the same.

    And, I have to agree with you….it does seem pretty expensive.

  3. Heather

    My son is “obsessed” with anything bacon. There is a store in the Wallingford area of Seattle called McPhee’s that has an entire section devoted to nothing but bacon. Bacon toothpicks being my son’s fave item. If he could find this item, I can almost guarantee he’d get it. Me? I’ll pass. Now, if you’re talking Vegemite. Then, I’m all over it! YUM YUM YUM. Yes, it is an acquired taste. Its black and it smells disgusting upon opening it, but, once you get past that and the taste, you’ll be hooked. *L*

  4. Diann

    It would be good on a BLT and maybe in potato salad, but other than that…..?


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