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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Salli

    My Husband and I have watched The Middle since it began. Love the show and storyline! We also watch The Big Bang Theory. They both can always make you laugh! We really like Last Man Standing too.

  2. kathy

    Love The MIddle, my daughter and granddaughter love it too. They are currently also watching all the Little House on the Prairie…started with reading the books at school!!!

  3. Cathy Tyler

    I love 4 of those 5 shows (don’t watch the Voice).
    I hope The Middle and Big Bang Theory NEVER go off the air!!
    (I watch them all on On Demand).

  4. dynnamae

    I watch 3 of your 5. The Middle, The Voice and Big Bang Theory.

  5. Fred

    Hello Kevin,
    I love those shows, too. And I just wanted to say thank you for the news letter , site , and recipes. I myself am Pennsylvanian Dutch. But I was born and Raised in New Jersey. I now reside in NEPA. Trying to find my roots.


    1. Kevin

      Thank you, Fred, thank you for stopping by!!!

  6. Dorothy

    I love Nashville too! Not a country music fan normally, I just love all the characters! And Connie Britton is wonderful!

  7. Jasmine

    This is also my favorite show, a winner among a bunch of weekly losers. We have hundreds of channels available, yet there is seldom anything decent to watch. I use my DVR for the Middle.

  8. kentuckylady717

    The only one I watch is “NASHVILLE” love that show…..love country music….most of it…..some of it I do not like and I am country all the way…..but some I just can’t take…so you don’t like country music eh? there are some good country singers out there…..I think the older singers are better than the news one these days…..have you listened to Alan Jackson, Toby Keith,George Jones,these are my favorite male singers…Jones is no longer living, but he had some great hits….one being “The Window up Above” oh my what a song…..Tammy Wynette was my favorite female singer, she too is deceased….but she had lots of great hits….too many to mention…and my all time favorite singer was and is still ELVIS….you must know who he is…..the world knows Elvis…..need I say more 🙂 ??


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