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  1. Missy

    A couple of things to remind you about Aster are to leave the diaper bag on the front seat, or some suggest taking off your left shoe and putting it in the back seat where she is. I once went into a store forgetting my daughter was in the back seat. It wasn’t in summer, but in mild weather, and I was only in the store about 3 minutes, but I was shocked when I got back to the car and saw her. It can happen very easily.

    1. Kevin

      Good advice, Joyce!

  2. JoAnn

    Re: the Duggars
    I think the Duggars are being unfairly crucified in the media. Of course it’s atrocious that this boy (he was a minor) would touch his sisters, but should that define the rest of his life? Isn’t it possible he changed his life and has led a decent life since that time?

    And, if my son had done that, would I have reported him to the police? Probably not. Remove him from the house, probably…counseling, definitely.

    I think the real problem is the release of juvenile records that are supposedly sealed. There is a reason they are kept sealed. It goes back to the great possibility that these juveniles can change their lives and shouldn’t have this destroy their lives. The same for the “victims.” Even if they are on TV, don’t they have a right to some privacy as minors? Of course the family didn’t discuss this on TV. They felt the records were sealed and what was in the past would stay there. Why would they bring it up? I don’t care if they have a show or not, but this young man’s life will never be restored to normalcy and his sisters will always be labeled as victims. That is their new reality.

  3. brenda

    JoAnn, the voice of reason. what a fair analysis of the Duggars challenges. I think more people should have all the facts before making comment on how this family handled things. It would seem that this child might have been much more conscientious and guilt ridden than most young people who had curiously touched a a girl through her clothing while she slept.
    Not only are the entire family being condemned for how they handled this but there is such ignorance being shown about people that are commited to living a Christian life but does anyone care to listen when a follower of Christ tries to explain that we are all sinners saved by His Grace and we know only He is perfect and we are forgiven So when we slip please lend a hand to help us get back up on His Path.

  4. brenda

    I would like to add that we should all wonder how many families are in a similar or much worse set of circumstances who will not take any of the steps this family took much less counseling they received because THE RESPONSBLE AUTHORITIES BROKE THE COVENANT OF SILENCE OF SEALED JUVENILE RECORDS AND BETRAYED AND RE VICTIMIZED THESE PEOPLE ????????? I hope the police chief who is retiring enjoys her 20 pieces of silver.


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