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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Noreen Elliott

    Great picture Kevin!!!!
    All our cats have and are living great lives – declawed and fixed – strictly indoor cats with window seats to watch the birds They have all lived between 15-20 years – healthy and I like to think happy. They all have stalked the birds we feed and enjoy. But, the stalking is from in the house/lanai!!!!!

    1. Kevin

      Sounds good, Noreen, always great to hear from you! Yes, I am not a fan of outdoor cats, our neighbor’s cat uses our square foot garden beds as a litter box, the chipmunks which used to be plentiful here are gone and I once found a woodpecker dead on the sidewalk, clearly a casualty of cats….glad yours stay inside like ours!

  2. James

    Great picture, Kevin. 🙂

    I realize that folks can get upset seeing things like this, and I can understand your quandary. But, this is the reality of life.

    Being an outdoorsman living in the Berkshires of Western Mass. I have seen this scenario played out time and time again.

    Although these events happen daily, like in your case they do not always turn out fatal for those involved…in fact, I would dare say that what you saw tends to be the norm.

    I can remember one time when my buddy and I were fishing and this Osprey caught a large fish. As it was gaining altitude a Bald Eagle swooped down to steal it from the Osprey. Well, the Osprey did drop the fish which landed safely in the pond, but was super PO’d at the Eagle and went after it. The end result was like watching a dog-fight between two fighter planes. Each one trying to outmaneuver the other, climbing and diving with talons extended in an attempt to inflict as much harm to the other as was possible, a true sight to behold. The end result was the Eagle dove for cover in a pine tree, the Osprey flew off, and neither one of them got the fish.

    As I see it, your experience was an excellent primer on life since it demonstrated that this is how nature, and life, works…something must die to sustain another and that you win some and you loose some, but there is always another day and another chance.

    Best Regards, 🙂

    1. Kevin

      Great story, James, that would have been a sight to behold! And, yes, good point on your part that it just is sort of a primer for life as a whole!


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