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  1. Paula

    If I were travelling that far I would have made an attempt to make sure they would be open. It’s the same as I tell our customers that travel a distance to buy our pork. I remind them that we are a working farm and even though I try to be home during our ‘hours’ it is possible I’m away (groceries, doctor, etc). I always tell them to call me first because I want to be home for them.

    It’s a chance you take with ‘mom and pop’ stores. Sometimes we just aren’t able to be open (with or without notice) and we can’t always afford to hire staff.

  2. Christine

    Once again we venture into the gray area of “English” dealing with the Amish. Although I do sympathize with the couple spending time and money for the trip, we are expecting the Amish to change their beliefs to suit our beliefs. Since they did notify the local community with fliers and signs, I don’t think it really occurs to them to post a website notification. They may not also realize that people travel such great distances to visit their shops. I hope this couple doesn’t stop patronizing this store, because I don’t think the Amish owners meant to inconvenience anyone. I know from my many trips to Lancaster PA Amish country that people are bothered by the fact that many businesses in that area are closed on Sunday because they feel it disrupts their plans.

  3. Wendy

    On one hand I agree with Paula. We get so used to dealing with malls and mega-marts that are open 7 days a week, 12 or more hours a day, we forget that small businesses have to operate differently.

    That said, the internet is an integral part of doing business these days – posting days they know they will be closed would be a great service for their non-Amish customers, especially those who cater to people who may come from a distance. At the least there should be a number customers can call to find out if they are open that day.

    Not to be contentious, but the Amish do depend on the good will of non-Amish for much of their livelihoods. They happily take our money for the good services they provide. If I had driven 100 miles to find a place closed on an odd day I’d be peeved to say the least. My favorite Amish run quilt shop has stopped hosting their web-site. Are they still there? I don’t plan on making the 2.5 – 3 hour trip out there to find out.

    1. Paula

      Kevin said they did have a phone number for information.

  4. ann

    I agree with Paula, she should of double checked with the store. Hopefully she did not voice her disappointment with them. I would of chalked it up to a nice drive with my husband, but by the sound of her complaint she doesnt seem like a person with that frame of mind.

  5. Kentucky Lady

    I have to agree with Wendy……..

  6. Marilyn from NY

    I also believe with Paula, she should have called first. I am not Amish, but owned my own store it our local town. Sometimes I couldn’t be open do to doctors appointments, illness, etc. I always asked my out of town customers to call just to make sure I was open. Even though, I was sometimes open on Sunday, I advised to call before coming as I went to church and breakfast before I opened.
    Marilyn from NY

  7. Bonnie

    We have went to Holmes County before and got there to find out some of my favorite places to go to were closed. Disappointed yes, but I respect their ways. We also found out that come 5 oclock the streets of Berlin roll up and only places to eat are open, that is when we drove around all the beautiful countryside and enjoyed seeing all the families out walking. Such a peacefull evening, we even got lost but that made the adventure even more enjoyable. So when you go to Amish country and find yourself with a sack of lemons, make lemonade and enjoy every moment. Bonnie from Ohio

  8. Heather

    It all comes down to respect. Respect for one another’s beliefs, whether we agree or disagree. To get bent out of shape because a business is closed when in the area, whether it be near or far is just outrageous. Like Bonnie said, when given lemons, make lemonade. For me, if I found the place I truly wanted to visit was closed, I’d be disappointed, but, I would also have been in the area for another reason. Back up plans, or spur of the moment decisions are sometimes the best way to plan things. I guess my hippie ways have never left me. Do things with a smile. Laugh and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Sour grapes never got me anywhere.

  9. Denise

    Glad you addressed this, Kevin, because the disappointment expressed really rubbed me wrong. The Amish are not there to cater to the world’s needs and hours; they trust that God will provide in whatever way He chooses.

  10. Pam

    I understand the disappointment …..however…..if this is your biggest problem…..you need to spend your time counting your many blessings

  11. brenda

    i have been wondering if a signup sheet in the Amish run stores to be on a mailing list for periodic sales and specials would help. Along with the area for signing up a note could be posted reminding folks to give a call before coming listing the hours as goals but being a “mom/pop” business there may be occasional interruptions.
    The mailinglist could then be used to notify regulars of any preplanned closures. Both the proprietor and the customer could be happy that way.
    But I totally agree that their religious customs should not be compromised for customer’s convenience.

    Of course, I am assuming that closures like AscensionDay would be something that could go out on that bulk mailer.

  12. maria

    Get over it. If it was your store you would want to be able to honor your beliefs without having to justify it by any means to others. Most people who are interested in the Amish know that there are days and holidays that they observe that we may not.

  13. Loretta W.

    When I was a child NO stores were open on Sunday that’s just the way it was. I frequent a lot of Amish mom and pops and I do not expect them to stay open if it compromises their faith.

  14. don

    They are faithful to their belief. There convictions are lived. That’s more than some of us can say.


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