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  1. brenda

    your SIL did the same thing my great grandmother did except she put it through a strainer (metal) that had a handle that turned inside parts that forced material through but kept back seeds etc. She and other relatives also used the juice to extend other juices they might not have enough of and it gave a little zip to it. I remember the first time older cousins talked some of us into “trying little apples for little kids”.

  2. Lowell

    We have a “juicer” that sets on the stove. It steams the juice out of whatever we put in it. Many years ago we were able to obtain some crabapples, just cut them up, peelings and all, and put them in the juicer. When the juice was made, we let it run through a little plastic hose into a container. So easy. Then we made the jelly. It was some of the best jelly we’ve ever made. I don’t know of any crabapples around where we live now. I wish I did.

  3. Dawn

    I just made candied crab apples-it involves cooking them in a sugar/cinnamon/ginger/apple cider vinegar liquid,then canning them in jars using the water bath method. Anyone can google this recipe,there are many & seems to be a forgiving recipe.


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