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  1. carla

    I think these shows are a detrimental to the families on a long-term basis. Yes, for a few years to see how the family lives is interesting, but more than a few years and the families seem to implode. What family hasn’t?

  2. Nancy Placen

    We watch a lot of the reality shows on TLC. I feel very sad that Matt & Amy have filed for divorce. The best years of their marriage might have been ahead. How will they celebrate holidays when grandchildren arrive if they are apart.
    We enjoy the Little Couple, especially their little ones. They are very blessed children to be adopted by loving parents. As far as the new show, we won’t be watching it. I will sadly miss the Duggars and feel very sad that TLC dumped them over an issue that happened so long ago.

  3. brenda

    I saw a blurb on regular news accounts that they had filed for divorce awhile back and seeing these shows makes them seem like reruns even though they are not.

  4. Carolyn

    I did watch little people big world at times’ Got a little tired of it. I am wondering if the so called divorce is just a come on to keep people watching. Who knows. As for 19 and counting, I got a little tired of it too, although I feel the media crucified those people. Just my take. I really do not like realty shows, how can a person, or family really be themselves. I certainly wouldn’t want cameras following me or my family around all day. I’ll settle with everything Amish, thank you.

  5. Heather

    Tv shows of this nature make me happier than happy that I do not own a tv….nor will I ever. It is such an intrusion of people’s lives and just shows that they’re only in it for the money and the “fame”. It might be entertaining to some, but not for me. I’d rather get lost in a good book.


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