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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Barb Wright

    What beautiful country!! I guess I didn’t realize there were Amish in that part of the country. I think it is neat how they raise school funding. A couple of weeks ago,I saw an ad for the annual Amish auction for the Ulysses,PA Amish school. I had hoped to go,but our new grandson decided to be born..so I was babysitting!! There will be more sales throughout the fall,so hopefully I can get to one. Looking forward to the other posts from Virginia!!

  2. Teresa B

    Had no idea there were Amish settlements in that area. I drive near there a couple of times a year! Beautiful! Looking forward to more posts!

  3. Colleen Rohrer

    I love the pictures ~ yes, what a beautiful place!! YOU are so fortunate to be able to visit so many Amish communities, but then I guess that is your job! Enjoy and I will look forward to more pictures!!

  4. Bonnie

    Kevin .. yes, that Bland county area is beautiful .. I used to live a few miles from this community .. and I know you will appreciate it when I tell you I moved to this state because of the mountains .. but now I have moved down the road to NC near another Amish community ..
    But these beautiful picture sure have me missing the awesome countryside of Bland County Virginia ..

  5. Patrice Anita

    Thanks so much Kevin, for all the beautiful photos you post, along with their descriptions. If I stare at the pictures long enough I can almost see myself there…ahhh, what a peaceful place to be in!

  6. Marge Nistler

    I absolutely love the photos and wish I lived closer. The scenery is beautiful!
    Thank you ever so much for posting the story, didn’t realize there were Amish in that area. Keep up the good work Kevin!

  7. Diana H

    Aahhhhhh! I can smell the country air and feel the sunshine on my face,
    such a beautiful photo. The Amish man seems to have pulled over to the
    side of the road to check out the livestock and enjoy the view himself.

  8. Terri Widener

    Great pictures and story Kevin! Thank you!


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