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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. kathie

    I do wish the media and Fakewood would leave the Amish and Mennonites alone. It is a sign of how far the world has fallen when reality shows (the more obnoxious, the higher the ratings) command TV. My husband and I were very interested in your reality show/documentary plan. Why not shop it as a documentary or create an Indie movie around it?

    1. Kevin

      Thanks, Kathie….my project is not dead, there has been some renewed interest lately from TV production companies but, yes, I may just do it as an indie project. Most reality TV production companies want something that the Amish can’t give: big, boisterous exchanges, etc…it’s a shame…

  2. lorraine stoddard

    I haven’t watched season 2. I did watch season 1. Thought it was boring and I fell asleep each time I watched it. It was so fake.

  3. Barb W.

    No, I am not watching. When you have Amish friends, you don’t need reality shows.

    1. Margie Conrad

      Barb, you are so right…

  4. Christine

    Like the rest of you that posted, I will not be watching. It makes me so angry when reality tv or media think its ok to invade an area, take advantage of hospitality and exploit the people and customs the people have. It’s always about money and ratings. They should all be ashamed.

  5. Kentuckylady717

    No, I did watch it last yr.but I think it stinks……don’t like any of the people who play the parts…..just goes to show you some people will do anything for a buck…..this is one reality show that I absolutely hate…….and absolutely will not watch it. either….. just like I will not watch Honey Boo Boo…..we don’t need this kind of so call entertainment…….just sayin…………….
    From all I have read and know about the Amish, this is not the way they live…..keep it real and I will watch it….so waiting for your production Kevin….I know you will do them honor……

  6. Shari

    Seriously? Season 2? I watched a couple of shows from season 1 and was sickened. I wouldn’t watch the downfall and degradation of any of my neighbour’s children. This is not entertainment, but voyeurism in my opinion. I have enough of this in my own neighbourhood.


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