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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Carol Crowe Phillips

    We get two newspapers but not weekly.Our local paper is three days a week. Then the paper from the nearest city (about 25 miles away) is printed daily but we get it Friday through Monday. We like to have the Sunday paper (with the comics!!). I grew up with the local paper and for while we had two local papers. My parents subscribed to both as well as both Knoxville (the city nearby) papers. Now Knoxville has only the one. There is also a free paper here once a month that is put out at various locations around the county. I read the obituaries, like my Mom did and like I said I would never do. I have found that it is now important to me to know if any friends or relatives have passed away. We do still watch the news sometimes. I also check the internet daily and have been known to skip the TV news b/c I had already heard all the stories. The two papers we subscribe to as well as others in this area still print stories about the county fair, sorghum making, a local author’s book or some other community event or just an interesting local flavor story. I hope that doesn’t change in my lifetime. I am sad that some areas do not have this anymore. There is something about the feel, smell and sound of a newspaper or a book in your hands or even ink stains from reading one. Also Silly Putty would be pretty useless without newspapers!

    1. Kevin

      I do miss the local paper and in the form you describe it sounds great…unfortunately our local paper just doesn’t do the sort of “hyper-local news” that would make it worth reading, we get canned news off the wire….so it’s just not worth it…

      1. Carol Crowe Phillips

        Check out http://www.roanecounty.com for a sample of our local paper if you’d like to see it.

  2. Kentucky Lady

    I agree some with you Kevin, I don’t take the paper anymore…..way too expensive…..we get a free County Shopper on Sun.
    there is a weekly paper, I do not take it. I watch GMA every morn. & switch from it to HLN….. then usually will watch DIANE SAWYER (sorry Kevin, I do like her ) and according to what’s going on for the day, may switch to CNN off and on….I do watch some on CNBC ,.they have informative info on there….
    Before I moved to Ohio, I used to get THE DETROIT NEWS & THE FREE PRESS…..and most cities had their own paper that usually came out on a Wed. so I got that one too…..then I just went to the hometown paper that I lived in for the local news, could always get the rest on CNN, etc.
    Watching the news now is mostly depressing,, or not fit for kids to watch….can not watch it when grandkids are here…it’s getting that bad…..but you can always switch channels or turn it off and I do that too…..See some news online when I am on,
    So, that is what I do for news…..

  3. Lillian

    We still receive. a daily paper. We also watch the evening news.I do read news on my I-pad too.


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