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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. connie campbell

    these buns look really good just might have to try and make some !

  2. Wendy P

    With the price of bread these days, it really pays to make your own if you can. It’s not hard – you just have to be around long enough for it to rise and go into the oven. These look really good, and once you have a sourdough starter going it is very easy to keep up. (I’ve left mine neglected in the fridge for months at a time. You just need to feed it a few times to get it active again and you’re good to go.)

  3. Barbarainnc

    Please make recipe print friendly!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 No ads or pictures, please.

  4. Breadking

    Well done on the recipe – its always better to see the pictures of how the recipe turns out. As you said above reshape the dough and you can also make great hot dog buns – great for the kids !

  5. Christine

    There is no way only 3 cups of flour was used for this recipe. I use the starer all the time to bake bread using her starter. The starter is liquid. The bread uses one cup of starter, 1 &1/2 cups water, 1/2 cup oil, and 6 cups of flour. 3 cups of flour is not enough flour for this recipe. The 2 cups of starter, 1/2 cup milk, and 2 eggs equals the same amount of liquid in her bread recipe using her starter

    1. Laurie

      I tried it, too, and realized that what you’re saying is exactly right. I decided to just go ahead and add another 3 cups of flour and proceed. I’m happy to say they turned out fabulous this way! Try it!


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