Join in the discussion tonight of the PBS special about the Amish!



  1. pat rizzi

    Why, if the Amish do not alow photos are these amish being photographed?

    1. Kevin

      Pat, good question! Go to http://www.oasisnewsfeatures.com/amish-101/ and then see “Lesson #2” and I talk more indepth about that.

  2. Karen

    I am not watching tonight, but hope they will have it posted on the pbs web site to watch later this week. When I saw the trailer I also wondered why there were pictures of the Amish – close up pictures, so I will follow the link to see the answer.

  3. Janet

    Just to make sure I’m on the right thing…are they shooting off fireworks right now?

  4. pat rizzi

    Good show.

  5. Chris Meyer

    I am enjoying it. The show came on at 9 PM in KY.

  6. Barb W.

    I watched the show, thought it was done in good taste.

  7. Barb

    What I saw I liked but I plan to buy the DVD to watch it again in my own time. I know a lot of photography was done with a telescopic lens so as not to go against any rulings.
    Kevin, what were your feelings on the program?


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