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Teacher Mahlon

Mahlon Miller is an organic farmer, writer and teacher in Northern Indiana. He is Old Order Amish and teaches grades 1-8 in the nearby Amish schoolhouse. His column, Teacher Mahlon, appears occasionally on Amish365.com as he shares his insights and exploits from the school. Mahlon and his wife, Marietta, have five daughters.

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  1. Dali Castillo

    Enjoyed the article very much. Mahlon’s writing is so descriptive that I could almost smell and taste the tomatoes! Loved it!

  2. c pauls

    Mahlon should be encouraged to write his own book; he is so talented, instead of writing a column for someone else. Seriously

    1. Kevin

      Agreed, C Pauls, he is a wonderful writer! He IS writing for someone else, though: all of you. And I am glad people are enjoying him. He doesn’t write the column for free, so I hope everyone continues to enjoy!

  3. Wendy P

    Oh, how I miss being able to pull ripe tomatoes off the vine minutes before eating them! The tomatoes I get in the store just don’t have the flavor. A good tomato is the summer sun on your plate.

  4. Karen

    That’s a big pumpkin… lots of pies to be made this fall from the plant of Rhoda… will more be planted next year, in a field to themselves? I have a hill here that needs a pumpkin plant next year.

  5. Kentuckylady717

    This article was great…..would love to have seen a picture of his pumpkins tho 🙂
    The Heirloom tomatoes sound wonderful….but quite pricey….just bought some tomatoes from
    an Amish farmer, they were $1.99 lb. or for a large box $8.00….my daughter and I split a box….if you bought 2 tomatoes, that would be over a lb…..so best to buy a box…..now gotta figure what to do with them 🙂

  6. dynnamae

    Mahlons’ column gave me a chuckle. Could just imagine that pumpkin plant traveling all over the garden. He is such a good writer and I so enjoy him, Rosanna and Lovinas’ writings too.


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