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Teacher Mahlon

Mahlon Miller is an organic farmer, writer and teacher in Northern Indiana. He is Old Order Amish and teaches grades 1-8 in the nearby Amish schoolhouse. His column, Teacher Mahlon, appears occasionally on Amish365.com as he shares his insights and exploits from the school. Mahlon and his wife, Marietta, have five daughters.

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  1. Carolyn

    A lot has changed with many churches. I did not go to church for many years although I was raised in church. I am not that happy with most of the changes. I was shocked at the disrespect some people have for Gods house. Including drinking coffee in the sanctuary, loud drums and guitars that blast me out. I sometimes feel as though I walked into a rock concert. Shorts and cut offs. I know all churches are not like that. I wish I could find one that sing the great hymns I remember as a child . Probably wont happen. I guess that is why I have so much respect for the amish.


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