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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Linda

    There’s no way our small 3-bedroom, 2 bath house could fit 90 people. We’ve had 20 or 25 people here at the most, and our house was bursting at the seams!

    The chocolate chip cheeseball sounds so good. I’ll have to make that soon.

  2. Magdalena

    When big families gather here, with all the spouses, children and grandchildren, they will use the church hall for dinners. If it is warm weather, they will set up tables in the barn or an empty potato house.

  3. Vicki

    I regularly have between 35 and 60 here several times a year, including the holidays. I used to host a Christmas party for kids. We made Christmas cookies, had lunch, Santa came in the afternoon and handed out small gifts. The kids, ages 1 to 10, had a ball. Unfortunately they told friends and somehow over the years it grew from 25 kids to 75 the last year I had it, 2 years ago. Will have to start over again since I have new nieces and nephews and my first grandchild.

  4. Diann

    Kevin, I’m like your wife and get stressed whenever I have anyone coming to dinner. I have had several large gatrerings here over the years; two graduation parties, a going away party for my daughter before they moved to Germany for 3 years with the Army, and a funeral meal after my stepson passed away, but I don’t know where I would ever put 90 people in my small house!

  5. Barb W.

    The most I have had for the holiday was 21.

  6. Callie

    I’ve had 30 or so people over for football games and BBQs. I have a great time, but can be stressful. It is difficult to “entertain” that many people. I can’t imagine having 90 guests!!!! I’d much rather attend a big gathering and help where I can than to host one. :O)

  7. Deanna Schroeder

    We had 70 people at our home for a family reunion a year ago last summer. However, some ate outside and others in the house in various rooms. We have a 3 bedroom house and 1 1/2 baths. And we live in town. Fortunately there is a lot of street parking. We might even try that again.

  8. Carol Talbot

    I read the Amish Cook every week in my local paper (The Cincinnati Enquirer). I am surprised by the number of recipes that call for oleo instead of butter. Is oleo really preferred?

    1. Kevin

      Carol…This is my answer speaking only as Lovina’s editor, I can’t speak for all Amish people…I can pretty much guarantee you that when one of Lovina’s recipes calls for “oleo” she means butter…In her Indiana settlement where she grew up those two terms just sort of came to be used interchangeably and oleo lost its original meaning….I just leave it in as “oleo” to keep as true to how Lovina writes the column as possible…that is a good question, thanks for stopping by!!

  9. brenda

    what a nice bit of info re: Joe’s family gathering. I am glad there were so many of them able to attend. Is Joe’s work improving? I have been a bit mia following a hip surgery that required 2 rods to repair so my wishes for the Christmas and New Yeat are quite belated. (no I did not fall, spontaneous fractures)

  10. Tom

    We have hosted holiday gatherings of 50 or more and a re lucky to have a rather large home. Our family reunions are held in late summer or early fall and we have over 100 people then. The house is full and so is our backyard which sits on 5 acres. Always great times full of family, fun and food!

  11. Melissa Ely

    At Thanksgiving last year, there were 48 people for dinner at my Aunt’s house and 4 additional people came to visit after dinner. It’s not a big house!


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