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  1. Terrie

    I did read the entire 33 page police report. I was also very disappointed to learn that the Duggers disipline by spanking their children with a rod. The cover up they did for Josh’s behavior is deplorable. It seems the “help” he received was spending time with a family friend building houses. No where in the report do any of the girls mention getting any counseling. I liked the show in the very beginning but grew tired of it quickly. No family could be that perfect all the time!! I have 8 kids and my kids just don’t act like that. I also disagreed with all of the work that the children were expected to do. I do not believe in hitting children or making them work like robots. I think kids should have the time to be kids!

    1. Debbie

      How did you read the police report when the police said it was shredded years ago? http://pagesix.com/2015/05/22/duggar-police-documents-destroyed/

      1. Debbie

        Never mind I found it

  2. Scott Montgomery

    I am in agreement with you about Josh. It seems as if his portion of this story is a non news item for me as he has admitted his mistake and went to the police, sought counseling, and has not repeated his offenses as well as seeking and recieving solice from the victims. however, I am not at all clear on the parents aspect in this whole matter. I am not sure why there was no reporting and how they handled this at all. It seems as if they knew the victims and maybe the victims did not want to prosecute. I have heard a report that the victims might have been his sisters so I am not sure what the legal obligations are in that case. For some reason unknown to me, they reported this a couple of years down the road and it is unclear to me why this was done. It seems suspicious though

  3. Alva

    The whole incident is sad. I’ve enjoyed watching the show from time to time. The crime that Josh committed is awful but you have to remember that it happened when he was 14 years old. A lot of kids are curious at that age and he probably had raging hormone as a lot of teens do. I have to agree with Kevin, if Josh had committed these crimes when he was 23 years old then he would have been way more culpable. What I really wonder about though, did the parents ever inform the producers of the crimes and did they ever discuss the birds & the bees with their children & warn them of inappropriate behavior? I doubt that they did because if they had, these crimes might not have occurred. Did Josh reveal any of this on his job application? It doesn’t sound like any of them did, and that’s where I have a problem. They should have talked about it early on instead of sweeping this under the rug.

  4. sheri

    I really do not think the Duggar family should have been allowed to continue the show after the abuse in 2002. To me the show was a deceitful cover up. If they covered that incident up there could be other lies. I don’t believe once a molester that miraculously you’re cured.

  5. gert

    Here is an article about the ‘family friend’ they sent their son to for ‘counseling’?
    The fact that his family covered it up for so long is just wrong!!


  6. Kelly

    I have watched the Duggars since the intro of 14 Kids and moving in. Many years. I was captivated by their godliness and enjoyed watching the show. Until recently anyway. In recent years I could see a change…less talk of Christianity for sure. They became more contemporary and as you say “staged”. I agree that the weddings and babies and all the trips became a showcase. Authenticity was lost in the last few years in my mind. I have ALWAYS wondered why a family would be on TV for pay when they would not allow TV in the home? For me this isn’t about Josh’s sin. It’s about how they started a show after or during his teen years and then he went to work at FRC. Sometimes our past forgiven sins should preclude us being in certain arena’s. The media monsters were merely waiting to pounce on this. I presume they made a lot of money off the show…how many families do you know have huge buses, go to Europe and China? It was not a good display. Josh should not have been exposed…but when you live in the limelight you set yourself up to get burned. I pray for all them for healing.

  7. Lola

    I would just like to ask . . . why isn’t Lena Dunham being held to the same exact standard that the Duggars are being held to? She wrote about what she did to her sister in her book, it seems that her mother took it in stride, and she expresses no remorse. Yet she’s given a pass.

    I wonder why . . . could it be because it’s okay to hate on Christians?

    1. Beenthere

      Because Lena was only 7, not 14-15. And she has not put herself in the same moral spotlight as the Duggers.

  8. Lisa T.

    Why does this need to be a mess? I see a child that made a mistake, admitted his mistake, and was forgiven. The family admits that they sought counseling and grew stronger in their faith. Pretty simple, and not out of the norm for a lot of families. Why all of the fuss? I support the Duggar family. Would much rather tune in to their show than many other shows being offered!

  9. Marian Tudor

    Living here in England (I am American) TLC is showing very old shows. As for me, I am just learning what I’m reading about now.

    The Duggars, IMHO are so sugar sweet it can make you nauseous . I have to feel that a good part of it is put on. What does Papa Duggar do to support that family?

    As for their being Christian, with what is going on in the world today, I’ll take 19 Christians over 19 Muslims.

    I still have not read what it is that Josh is alleged to have done, or did do but I suspect it is sexual in nature. As for the parents spanking with a stick, or whatever, as a child I was leathered twice. At almost 84 I can say it did me no harm.


  10. Beenthere

    Because Lena was 7, not 14-15. And she has not put herself in the moral spotlight that the Duggers have.

  11. Nancy Placen

    This would not have been an issue if they weren’t Christians. Let him who has never sinned cast the first stone!! We all sin and come short of the glory of God but we are forgiven!! Josh was also.

  12. Diane W

    I cannot believe that Josh is being called a child molester. When a child is curious or has raging hormones, he will not look for a 25 year old woman. He will experiment with the other girls around him. In my younger teenage years there were three boys that “molested” me. They did not ask permission. When I said no they reluctantly stopped. None of these young men turned out to be child molesters. This all seems so silly to me. People should look back to their own childhoods. I don’t think there are any of us that didn’t experiment before adulthood. What are the stats on teenage pregnancy these days? I wonder how many 14 year olds are even virgins these days? Are they all child molesters too? If the media is going to be so harsh with Josh, they need to think about all the condoms that are being passed out in the schools to underage kids. The sex-ed is literally teaching the kids that they should explore, even with the same sex. Now this is child abuse. The Duggars have never claimed to be a perfect family. They just don’t air their dirty laundry to the public, especially when it comes to their minor children. Also someone should be accountable for this going public. I will be watching the Duggars any chance I get! They are a forgiven Christians just like myself.


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