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  1. Michele R

    Years ago I watched a beautiful young girl “die” from cancer treatment. At the age of 3 she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Before she was diagnosed she was a happy and beautiful girl that smiled and laughed all the time. Once she started treatments that young girl “died”. She rarely smiled and she was so sick from the treatments she would sleep most of the time and cry a lot. Even though she was given radiation, chemo and she received a bone marrow transplant she died when she was 9 years old. I think of what those 6 years were like for her and all that loved her. Would it have been better to let her live only a few months and be happy or continue with the treatment all those years and see her so sick just from the treatments?
    I have also seen my brother so ill from cancer treatments that last few weeks of his life he would sleep most of the time and was so ill that the happy brother and man I knew was gone, just like the little girl.
    In my opinion I don’t think that this decision is wrong. She has tried chemo and most likely other treatments but in the end it is making her more ill than if she was not to have the treatments. It should be a parents decision to stop treatment if the doctors have tried all options and it is not slowing down or curing the cancer.

    1. Kevin

      Michele, very articulate post and you make compelling points about whether to strive for quality of life vs. quantity…tough, tough case…

  2. Karen

    Age her age, the girl should decide about having chemo or not. She knows she may die no matter what the treatment. All life is a risk. The best quality of life is what she chose. The hospital has no right to take over someone’s life because they feel they know better. I’ve known a number of people in their 40s that chose no treatment. I am glad the court let this family be.

  3. Denise

    I think the parents should have the final say. I really believe if chemo would save her and they say no, we have an all powerful, miracle working God. Let’s not limit His say in this.


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