Kate Stoltz: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Celebrity News Jun. 26, 2014 AT 1:29PM
Kate Stoltz in her self-made "Ariana" dress. Credit: Courtesy of Kate Stoltz

Kate Stoltz stars in Return to Amish on TLC, which airs on Sundays at 10/9c. The model shares her secrets with Us Weekly—dishing on 25 things you don’t know about her.
1.My friends and I used to wear jeans under our Amish clothes when we were at home so our parents wouldn't see them. But as soon as we were down the road a little, we would take our dresses off and walk around in regular street clothes.
2. I have over 300 cousins and step cousins all over the US. With no electricity, the Amish keep themselves busy in a lot of ways.

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3. I had a hidden radio growing up, and would sneak out to listen to Eminem all the time. I dreamt of becoming a rapper and would rap under my breath when I was alone, so if modeling doesn’t work out…
4. Our Amish church services were so long, my friends and I would pretend we had to go to the bathroom just so wecould take a break from the hard benches.
5. I love the smell of hairspray. I would use it as air freshener if I could—but that probably wouldn't be good.
6. I believe Nutella and Popcorn should each be their own food group on the pyramid. I’m addicted to Nutella!
7. I broke my nose trying to train a very stubborn pony. All I remember was seeing him fly over me and the pain afterwards.
8.My celebrity crush is Zac Efron. You don’t see abs like that out in the country.
9. I was the biggest troublemaker and tomboy growing up. I loved doing everything the boys did—my brother broke his legs once trying to keep up.
10.Victoria Beckham is my idol and fashion icon. I even named my puppy after her.

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11. I love dance and music. I do a lot of mirror practicing and move bustin’ at home.

12. I love designing and sewing; I made my first dress at 9 years old. I make a lot of my own dresses and scarves, mostly everything you see me wearing I’ve handmade myself in my apartment.
13. I live in NYC but I still don’t have a television at home. Although I enjoy the occasional movie, I’d rather go out and do things myself than watch others do them on TV. Old habits die hard.
14.I’m OCD with my teeth. I carry a portable toothbrush everywhere I go.
15. You’d think growing up on a farm would prepare me for almost anything, but my first encounter with an NYC ratreally tested my skills. With a little stealth, I managed to catch it with my bare hands. (Eww!)
16. I owned a bakery in Amish country, before I moved to New York. It’s still there at the care of my mom and sister. My best-selling item was my grandmother's apple dumplings.
17. My grandfather used to call me 'kitkat' and would always have Amish candy for me, but now that I’m living with the “English” KitKats are my favorite sweet.
18. There wasn’t much to do back home, so I read every book in the town library at least twice. I have that to thank for being an A student.
19. My breakfast routine is highly predictable. I almost always have two eggs and a coffee.
20. I love singing and used to sing soprano in the Sunday group.

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21. I'm a basket case, literally. I organize my drawers and closets with them obsessively.
22. I'm very spiritual, and believe in surrounding myself only with people that have good energy or make me want to improve myself.
23. I walk very quietly and often unintentionally scare people that don't hear me approach.
24. I love wearing stilettos and dressing up. It adds another level of confidence when you feel good about how you look.
25. I write a new inspirational message on my bathroom mirror (with lipstick) every time I clean, then read it every morning while getting ready for the day.


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