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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Heather D.

    Kevin, well said. Over the years there would be a drug bust in Lancaster involving an Amish person which would of course be a huge scandal for selling and/or using. Making any sort of assumption about the Amish is foolish. They are more like us than people think. If something occurs within the mainstream community chances are you’ll see it within the Amish community. They aren’t immune to drugs, alcohol, growing and selling GMO crops (I added this one because I’ve read where people think the Amish live such a clean life and only grow thing organically using heirloom seeds,) and they have cases of Autism just like the rest of us.

  2. Allyson L

    One word…..HUMAN! They too are human and not exempt from anything their fellow HUMANS do!
    It is society’s misconception that they do not drink, do not smoke, do not do drugs, etc.. Just because they live a simple life does not mean they are not exposed to non-simple things and just like Adam & Eve were tempted…so to can the Amish be tempted, same as you or I!!!!

  3. grapenut

    The beer could be for frying batter. Beer batter fish and chicken are popular in Northern Indiana for benefit dinners. I agree with Allyson L. Saying the Amish don’t drink or smoke is like saying the Brethren, Methodists, Catholics or any other group does not do a certain thing. There is temptation for everyone.

  4. AmishMaid

    Had to laugh at a couple of these things. You are so right that people seem to hold the Amish to a much higher standard than the Amish do. Go figure. Also the notion that building a liquor store causes people to drink. I know about the argument that if it is not readily available people won’t drink it, but how does that explain the people who make liquor in a prison toilet? That is by no means readily available and by that standard there should now be a huge demand for my plain clothes and head coverings among the masses. After all, I made it readily available! 😉 Really enjoyed this honest look at things. Thank you!

    1. Kevin

      Thanks for joining us here, Amishmaid! And how does one get the plain clothes you make?

      1. Wanda

        Here in Lancaster Co. PA you can find plain clothing for sale (obviously they are handmade). I’ve seen LOTS of them at local thrift stores and also at yard sales. The Amish are really big on having yard sales around here, as well as going to them! I go to yard sales a lot, especially theirs since they always have good food for sale 🙂

  5. Magdalena

    I am not Amish, although I look it. I have been asked in the liquor store, “What are you doing here?” As far as I am concerned, the use of alchohol is not a sin unless it is excessive.

  6. Wanda

    I grew up in Amish country and am a former police officer. I could tell endless stories about Amish kids, drinking and driving both in vehicles as well as buggies, and getting charged with DUI in both. In the summer, the “English” and the “Amish” play baseball against each other less than a mile away from me, and there is a LOT of drinking going on at those games. Sometimes I think the girls are more wild than the boys! Sad but true, at least in this area.
    Time to watch “The Amish Experience” on PBS. I want to see how “accurate” it is (smile). At least this episode is taking place in PA, as opposed to the midwest where they aren’t nearly as strict.

  7. Carolyn Price

    I read your book. It was great. I do hope you write a sequal to it.Good job.


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