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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Kelly Hunt

    Ok… here’s where it does matter: To the people who are serious about their Amish Faith and what makes them AMISH and separate from the world. This is serious stuff. I moderate a group on Yahoo where people can come and ask quesitons about The Amish, Mennonites, and Anabaptists and I blog on this as well. What people take for granted, like bangs, pleats, dress length, fabric, hair length, beard, mustache or no, can divide a congregation. I’ve also known people to *claim* they are Amish because they are simplistic, yet they have no concept of Non-Resistance, or the structure that created the Amish. It’s probably annoying to those who take their faith, and their heritage seriously. Just my two cents…

    1. Kevin

      Welcome….I think your points are well articulated and I was hoping someone would weigh in with a more theological take on it than I…..Yes, it is serious stuff…there are Amish churches that divide sometimes over the most seemingly trivial issues to outsiders, but to an Anabaptist it’s everything…..I think there are some basic “litmus tests” one needs to pass before claiming they’re Amish, just the same as someone claims Catholicism or Lutheranism as their faith – Kevin

  2. Magdalena

    Well, we do some of those, too, but we’re not Amish. I “look” Amish but in fact we aren’t officially Anabaptist, although much influenced by that theology and Plain. No, not Amish. May have been in a past generation, but not now. Amish-ness is more than declaring oneself simple-living and ready to give up television, or even adhering to a low-Protestant faith system. (Amish are, in theology, closer to Eastern Orthodox and Anglican than they are to Baptists, Prsbyterians, and evangelicals.) It is a Two Kingdom way of life which most people don’t really understand.

    1. Beka

      I would say that the Amish are Anabaptists, and they’re theology was closer to Scripture than the Catholic/Anglican/Orthodox and more radical than the Protestants like Lutherans and Methodists. They were of the pietistic breed, with the Hutterites, Mennonite, Moravians, etc.

    2. Susan GIll

      I am very interested in your statement that states the Amish or more like Eastern Orthodox or Anglicans. On the surface that seems an odd comparison, but honestly the first time I attended an Old Order Mennonite church service, despite the severity of the interior , I felt that there was something more akin to a liturgical service rather than an evangelical one. Would you be able to elaborate on your stance? Most people do not realize that Amish or O.O. Mennonites have no history in pietism which has influenced most Protestant evangelicalism. They certainly have no connection to the more fundamentalist Christian movements that began in the 19th century. One thing that struck me as profound was that the worship service, although devoid of any ecclesiastic paraphenalia, used a hymnal where the same hymns have been sung since the 16th century.

  3. lougender

    Kevin, I agree with your questioning of the perceived need to call anything “Amish” that seems like any rejection of modern technology. I saw an article in the Yahoo news today referring to a young man’s experiment in giving up Twitter, Facebook, email, or any other form of electronic communication as “the Amish Project”! He didn’t give up cars or TV or electricity — just the social networking! Such a hardship!!


  4. Cindy/KS

    I would almost lean towards a Beachy Amish persuasion, but then again, I think being Amish is more like being a Jew – it’s not just a religion either. At least not in my opinion. The religious aspect does seem to be off, so I wouldn’t say they are OO Amish for sure, but I feel they can still be considered Amish by birth. But then I am not Amish, so have no idea if they would agree with me or not.

  5. Susan GIll

    To be Amish necessarily means to be in community with fellow believers. The family in the article could not possibly be Amish because they are lone rangers, something Amish or even O.O. Mennonites are not. The Amish faith is one which adheres to certain rules, meidung, in order to guide believers down a path that to adherents, leads to a more Biblically based life. When you are baptized in that faith, you make a covenant with God and the church (the body of believers) that you will live in a certain way, set down by the elders, designed to maintain that essential separation from worldly things. This way of life is one in which the individual is dependent on the community for existence.

  6. Nathan

    We were considering joining the Church in Montana . The Miller family is former Amish. They have left Anabaptist practice largely. They are charismatic( faith healing,tongues and rock music,)Zionists. They are not amish by any means. We are saddened that we were intentionally deceived. Our questions were answered with lies. Unfortunate.

    1. Kevin

      Nathan, interesting, I’d love to hear more. If you don’t want to post more publicly, email me at kwilliams@oasisnewsfeatures.com, would be interested to hear more about your experiences! – Kevin


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