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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Barb Wright

    I am always awed by the way those folks work together!! When my kids got married,I did all the food for the receptions alone. It was hard,and took most of a week to do!! I wonder why we are such a “do it myself” society? People used to help one another,but not so much anymore..sad isn’t it? We could learn alot from our Amish neighbors!!! Sounds like wedding bells could be in the future for Elizabeth and Timothy….They’ve been “friends” for quite awile now!

  2. Theresa

    Hi Kevin. sounds like Lovina had a wonderful time at the wedding. I would be interested in a recipe for the grape jello pudding. That just sounds delisious. I have to agree with what Barb Wright says about the Amish working together on projects. If the English would only follow the example the Amish give the world would be a better place & yes as the Amish say “many hands make light work”

  3. Wendy

    My husband and I were blessed at our wedding when the women from my parents’ church (we attended different churches at that time) volunteered to do all the cooking and serving. We gave them the recipes and groceries, and the food was served family style. We had over 250 people at our reception – small potatoes compared to an Amish wedding!

  4. brenda

    I am wondering if the helpfulness is something that is common to the Amish and other churches (our sunday school is extremely helpful to each other as well as heavily organized help church-wide).I am curious if any of the other readers have similar experiences with their churches. Families are so spread out country-wide so it poses a real challenge to have help there.

  5. Kentuckylady717

    Great write up Lovina….really enjoyed it….would also like the Grape Jello Pudding….recipe. The country brunch skillet recipe sounds yummy….and easy…..keep up the good articles…..
    Also have a question Kevin…who pays for all this food ? That is a lot of food…..does the brides parents pay for it, or does everyone pitch in and pay ? Very interesting…….
    I noticed you were in Clair Mich. been there several times….did not know there were Amish there !!!! I lived in Mich. for probably over 40 yrs…..

  6. Karen

    I would love to see a picture of the wedding wagon in action. I am trying to picture 7 stoves and all the cooks on a wagon and I can’t picture how big the wagon would be.
    I enjoyed hearing about the wedding menu, it sounds great. A lot of preparation went into the menu and organization.
    Lovina, your life is very busy!

  7. michelle

    Love the story of the wedding . I also enjoyed the recipe. This will make a great Sat brunch for us.

  8. Carol Morris

    My German Baptist grandmother used to fix this but poured the eggs over all and made it like scrambled eggs. My family loves it. She called it German scrambled eggs.

  9. SueAnn

    When I was small….all I knew was family getting together and helping one another…funerals, weddings, birthdays..All the Aunts and older girls cousins,moms,and if we were lucky to still have them around…some grandmas too.It was quite normal for me. I noticed…..towards the end of the 70’s, women were more “out of the home”, then in it……and the closeness that once was…no longer was there……then of course..people moved away, died. I think..in our culture…..we were much as the Amish do today….but we “separated”…..kids and cousins were in different States..grand children too…I see this closeness making a come-back..but very slowly….and it is the friends and the kids on teams of some sort…that hang close..Now..if we could get the families to do this….But anymore….kids are raised to go off in the world….It is the one thing I miss the most….having a party…and knowing I could depend on so and so to be there to help…or even me..being a helper….To do this today…one has to make an appointment!!!!


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