Amish, Etc: A Conversation With Harvey Yoder

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This week’s episode of Amish, Etc features a fascinating discussion with Harvey Yoder.  Harvey is a minister, marriage counselor, and author based in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  I discovered Harvey’s writings on Harvspot, his blog of spiritual and personal musings.  He was raised in an Old Order Amish church until age 15 when his parents became charter members of a newly formed Beachy Amish church in Stuarts Draft, Virginia.  Harvey later joined the Mennonite church as an adult. Harvey writes about his father’s decision in this recent blog post.  Personally I like Harvey’s style because he doesn’t take a “slash and burn” approach to his Amish past as some former members of the faith do after leaving, rather he captures the more nuanced, complex reasons behind  his father’s decision to leave. I think the majority of Amish who do leave the faith do so in a more mundane, deliberate way than the ones who flee in the middle of the night.  As an author, Harvey has turned his efforts to creating last marriage.  His book “Lasting Marriage: An Owner’s Manual” can be ordered from Amazon..    By the way, there is another Harvey Yoder who actually has a remarkably similar background as this one…he is an author, former Amish and perhaps I’ll catch up with him sometime also!:) Harvey and I touch upon many topics in our discussion, so I hope everyone enjoys…thank you for making the debut last week a success!


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