Buggy Beware..

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Car-buggy accidents happen even in the most established Amish communities.  There are hilly crests to navigate in places like Holmes County, Ohio that can trip up even the most experienced drivers.  And then there are tourists unfamiliar with slow-moving buggies that can wreak havoc on horse-drawn vehicles by speeding and honking in places like Shipshewana and Lancaster.  But the past couple of days two accidents have caught my eye because they are in areas where buggy traffic is relatively new: Pontotoc, Mississippi and Pawnee City, Nebraska.  The latter left a 17-year-old Amish boy dead. Both areas are home to newly established Amish settlements (Pontotoc’s has been around for several years, but that is still mint new as far as I am concerned).  So these accidents just point to the need for locals to be aware of their new neighbors.

Click here to read about the accident in Pawnee City, Nebraska.

Click here to read about the accident in Mississippi.

The Nebraska newspaper article cites a report that says 800 Amish live in Nebraska but, boy, I just don’t think that’s accurate.  I’ll try to pin that down. I sense a possible newspaper error there:)

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