More ObamaCare and The Amish

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The roll-out of ObamaCare has been rocky so I’m not sure anyone, regardless of your partisan stripe, can be thrilled with it so far.  Although the fact that the websites have been down obviously haven’t impacted the Amish.  But now that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been rolling out the impact on the Amish is becoming murkier.  Personally, I think ObamaCare will not have a major affect on most Amish.  Many of the self-employed Amish who own carpentry or cabinetry businesses will just go about their lives as usual.  There will be a small percentage who,yes, will take advantage of the law’s offerings, although they will probably do so discreetly.  The Amish who are in the murkiest spot are the ones who work for non-Amish, even though there is an exemption for religious reasons.

An NPR story over the weekend attempted to shed some light and the piece includes a rare audio interview with an Amish leader in northern Indiana. Click here for the story.

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