Parmesan Potatoes

parmesan potatoes
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This is a great recipe as a hearty side dish or even a main meal. This recipe comes from the Amish Cook recipe archives.

1 /3 cup butter

1/ 4 cup flour

1 /4 cup Parmesan cheese

salt and seasoning salt to taste

6 medium potatoes

Sour cream
Melt butter on a cookie sheet in the oven.  In a mixing bowl, combine flour, cheese, and salt.  Cut potatoes into wedges and soak in water then dip in flour mixture.  Bake on cookie sheet at 375 degrees for 1 hour or until golden, turning once.  Serve with sour cream.



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The Discussion

  1. Maureen E. says:

    I made these potatoes last night with dinner.
    They were delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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