Weekend Blogroll: Paris Review Goes Amish; Beachy’s Bulk Foods, Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole, Amish Lemon Bars, and, Um, Beard Balm?

Weekend Blogroll: Paris Review Goes Amish; Beachy's Bulk Foods, Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole, Amish Lemon Bars, and, Um, Beard Balm?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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Time for my weekly round-up of favorites from across the blogosphere.

PARIS REVIEW:   Oh, wow….as a writer, having anything mildly associated with me appearing in The Paris Review: super cool:)  This past week this venerable bastion of literary greatness actually makes brief mention of Elizabeth Coblentz, our original Amish Cook columnist.  In typical Paris Review fashion the article is about, well, Amish Friendship Bread and poetry. Quite a mash-up. Click here to read.

BEACHY’S & A SMILE SANDWICH:   A blogger recently went to one of my favorite Amish stores:  Beachy’s Bulk Foods in Arthur, Illinois.  This is a typical Amish emporium of everything (Beachy’s has its own entry in the Williams Guide  to Amish Country).    You’ll never believe how much she bought with just $20!!!  Yes, those stores are often full of bargains, but this takes it to a new level.  It is difficult to stretch a $20 THAT far, but she managed.  Click here to read about her $20 shopping spree.  I think her list also illustrates the changing nature of what makes it onto Amish menus: lentils, for instance.  Flaxseed.  Foods like quinoa and olive oil, once unthinkable on shelves in Amish stores are now frequently found. While on her blog – this isn’t Amish, but I couldn’t resist – check out this amazing sounding recipe for “sweet potato layered breakfast casserole.”  I may have to persuade Rachel to make that for us this week (not that I am not capable of making it myself, but…)

AMISH LEMON BARS:  This is an amazing looking and sounding recipe for what has become an Amish classic: shortbready, lemony, gooey goodness.  If you’re looking for something that sings spring and provided a smooth sweetness, click here for a great recipe!

BEARD BALM:  Okay, this one has me scratching my head.  I don’t really grow a great beard.  It’s most gray when it comes and I just start feeling unkempt and scratchy if I go unshaven a week or more, although growing and honest-to-goodness big, bushy beard might be fun sometime.  If I ever get that urge, I guess I can turn to Honest Amish Beard Balm.  Um…click here to check it out.  Personally, I think I’ll save the avocados for eating rather than smooshing into my beard.


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The Discussion

  1. Thanks for including me, Kevin! Arthur, Illinois is definitely one of my favorite Amish communities to visit, but I’ve also been to one near Montello, Wisconsin. We always stop by Nature Trail’s Amish Bakery and the grocery store there, where I pick up my dad’s favorite treat – their Muesli!

    There is also a farm there that sells fresh produce – I love that they work on the honor system and allow visitors to simply take what they want and leave money in the box for their items! I have heard that the money they raise selling the produce is to support a young girl at the farm who suffers from Leukemia. Anyways, thanks again! Have a great weekend.

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