YouTube Friday: Amish Wedding Song, Amish Singer, and Skiing!

YouTube Friday: Amish Wedding Song, Amish Singer, and Skiing!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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We have some neat things to delve into on this week’s YouTube Friday

AMISH WEDDING SONG:  This an audio recording that someone discreetly took of the final song sung at an Amish wedding and then posted to YouTube.  I’m comfortable sharing this with you because:  A) there are no photos with it  and B) while I’m not thrilled about sharing recordings and videos that are taken surreptitiously there really is no way to know where this was taken and there’s absolutely no way to know who’s wedding this was, so I don’t feel like there’s a major privacy breach here.  The cultural value of hearing this wonderful  a cappella music outweighs all else in this case, I feel.  So click here to listen to this beautiful music.

AMISH HAM:  A more free-wheeling music than a wedding song, this Amish man hams it up a bit as he works in the dairy barn.  There really is a wide range of viewpoint in the Amish church about the appropriateness of being filmed.  Some would never do it, others are perfectly comfortable in little, fun videos like this (heck of a lot different than committing oneself to a reality show).  Click here to listen to this Amish man hamming it up!

GERMAN DOCUMENTARY:  Okay, admittedly, I didn’t understand 90 percent of this (but, hey, that means I was able to pick out about 10 percent:)…this is obviously some sort of documentary made by a German production company.  The documentary focuses on the Amish of Libby, Montana, with – it appears – some references to nearby Rexford  The Libby settlement is not typical.  They are more evangelical and have generally abandoned horse-drawn buggies in favor of cars but many residents of the Libby settlement still consider themselves Amish.  This is worth watching for the beautiful cinematography alone, you really get a feel for the place.  Click here to watch Part I, and here to watch Part II.

AMISH SKIING:   This Amish man finds a creative way to get around during the winter:  attach skis to the back of a horse-drawn buggy.  Click here to watch him go!

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  1. Loved the recordings. Thanks for sharing this,. Hope you feel better soon.

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