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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Karen

    My mom made these back in the 1950’s-1960’s. They were always very good.

    1. Jolene

      My aunt used to make these when I ws growing up & she called them cathedral cookies!

  2. kentuckylady717

    These are really pretty…..has anyone on here made them and do they roll up well ?

    1. SueAnn

      They do roll up well..if you have all the ingredients ready to go…..We make these with white chocolate…..before you roll…don’t have the chocolate too hot…it could melt the waxed paper a bit..and don’t over lap the waxed paper….makes it a teeny bit tricky to un-roll. East enough to make..kids can help with these….

    2. Grannylove54

      I made these many years ago as a part of a cookie/candy tray for my church’s After Christmas Pageant celebration. They were very easy to do as long as you take your time and follow the directions. They were certainly a big hit. I lost the recipe (loaned it to someone and never saw it again) and that was before internet. Very happy to find it again.

      1. Kevin

        Glad you stopped by, Granny, and glad you were able to re-connect with the recipe.. I’ll have to try it with pecans sometime!

  3. Karen

    I have a good friend who gives us a plate of them every year for Christmas but I had never seen them before they were cut. Thanks for sharing the great picture.

  4. Estelle Wycherley

    I live in NZ and could you please explain to me what ‘nut meats’ is? I presume the stick of ‘oleo’ refers to butter/margarine – could you please confirm. Many thanks.

    1. Kevin

      Estelle – Welcome from “Down Under!” Those are two sort of “old-timers” terms. I should change them. Oleo is just butter and “nut meats”, just used chopped English walnut pieces. The term “nut meats” used to be used to described chopped nuts like that, but it isn’t heard much any more. – Kevin, Editor

      1. Grannylove54

        I made mine with pecans and they turned out very well. More people seem to prefer pecans here in the South than the stronger flavor of walnuts.

  5. Kristina

    2 questions…#1 What is Oleo.? I’ve never heard of it. #2 What is nut meats? I tried to find out online & all I found was vegetarian meat substitute, which doesn’t sound too good for a dessert!

    1. Diane

      Oleo is the same as margarine, but i use butter. And nut meats are chopped nuts, usually walnuts but can be any kind you prefer.


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