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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Barbara Abel

    My Great-great-grandfather was the toll-house keeper at the toll house in Salunga PA on what is now Rte. 30. (I still have the toll house clock and it still runs!) so I know how much has changed there. But so many of those good people still keep going on and going on – keeping the old ways. I admire them and hope their lives continue to be lived as they wish. I now live very nearby to the Westcliffe CO community…many of them have taken up the ways of ‘the English’ over the years…but they are still industrious hard working people trying to make a living and a life…I admire them too! We’ve had a carriage shop for years, and when we would go to Lancaster County from our home just outside of Phila (that was YEARS ago!) we would go to the homes and shops of the working people (who happen to also be Amish) to purchase our wagon supplies…what sweet, welcoming people they are…and how unbelivelably rude tourists are to walk onto their front porch and photo inside their homes…good grief…if tourists did that to us in our Colorado homes they could wake up dead!! Thanks Keven.

    1. Kevin

      How neat, Barbara, thanks for sharing that, you have quite a treasure in that old tollhouse clock!

  2. pamela lakits

    Dear Kevin, I enjoyed looking at your Lancaster photo’s. It’s always fun to go along for the ride with you as you visit different Amish communities. I especially liked your last photo and comment. My husband and I try and go to Lancaster end of October -early November every year for our anniversary. We usually stay at the Best Western in Paradise because we like to go to the Paul Revere Inn for lunch or dinner at least once (they are a bit expensive). Any way, one day last year when we were there I for some reason (which I have forgotten) needed to run into the very same Target and I had the very same thought you did. Seeing the Target smack up against the Amish tour home made me sad. Just didn’t seem right some how. Your photo says it all, doesn’t it, about the chances being made there and not all are for the good.
    Pam Lakits

    1. Kevin

      Sounds like a wonderful anniversary trip, Pamela! And, yes, that Target, geez, it is just sort of wedged in there right up against that Amish attraction, kind of odd!


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