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There was an informative article about Amish death rituals that appeared yesterday in an online forum that I thought I’d share. Having been to several Amish funerals myself the only thing I’ll add is that the Amish seem to have a very stoic outlook on death.  It’s not something that is necessarily feared.  An elderly Amish man in Montana once told me that he was “so excited to get to Heaven that he could hardly wait.”   It was a poignant, fearless view of death.  Such an acceptance of the end-of-life is ingrained in the Amish from the time they are very little.  Amish children are present at funerals and even the youngest will often view the deceased during visitations.  Click here to read the well-written piece about Amish funerals.  The above photo is of mourners on their way to a funeral in the Swiss Amish settlement outside of Geneva, Indiana.  Below is a very no-frills cemetery outside of Grabill, Indiana.  Note the lack of flowers or other ornamentation.  Such plainness is typical of an Amish cemetery.  Most Amish prefer to die in the manner in which they live: plain, no frills.

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  1. Jennifer Gaddis says:


    There was a cemetery right next to the school where I taught. Naturally, if someone living within the district passed, the was no school. But we had school if it was someone from outside the district. I found them very somber affairs. I attended the funerals for two of my dear students with disabilities. On a brighter note, it was baseball as usual the next day.

    Jennifer Gaddis

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