Amish Mafia

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There is a show coming up on the Discovery Channel called “Amish Mafia.”    There are a lot of delightful shows that are fiction that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years. I was a big fan of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. And when I was a child Small Wonder on ABC was kind of fun too. Anyone remember that? The show chronicled the family of a robotics engineer who, after he secretly creates a robot modeled after a real human girl, tries to pass it off as their daughter.  I could go on.  Yes, sometimes make-believe is fun! Going back to my earliest days, Mr. Rogers and his Land of Make Believe had me hooked.  Speaking of make-believe Amish Mafia is a fiction show coming up on the Discovery Channel.  TV is full of fiction.  I’m sure whoever has put out press releases, etc about the show must have inadvertently called it a “reality show” but that must have been a clerical error somewhere, someplace.  Of course, there is no such thing as an “Amish Mafia” or anything remotely close.  From what I have read about the show, it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but if you want to watch fun fiction, go ahead and tune in, you might find it enjoyable.  Just ignore any of the press errors that have mislabled it as “reality.”  Here is more about the show as described by Variety and some of the acting that has gone into it.

Some might ask if there is such a thing as an “Amish Mafia?”  Is there such a thing as a woman who twitches her nose and has magical powers? Or a talking Trolley that goes to a Land of Make-Believe?   At first I thought maybe some of the great academics out there like Don Kraybill and Stephen Nolt might have missed something in all their extensive research and study of Amish culture, that somehow they neglected to write about an “Amish mafia”.  But I’ve also done a lot of research and study interviewing hundreds of Amish over the years and haven’t heard of it either.  Might there be some rogue ex-Amish out there who sort of goes around chest-pounding somewhere in some community that such a show might be loosely based on? Possibly. But it doesn’t matter, since this show is obviously fiction, enjoy and let me know what you think!

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The Discussion

  1. When I first saw the commercial for this new reality program I assumed that Discovery Channel hired actors to dress and impersonate Amish.

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  2. Connie Coberley says:

    I am so glad you wrote this article. I had sent you an email about this very thing because I found it disturbing to say the least.
    Enjoy your column!

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  3. I’m so glad you mentioned this…my husband and I saw commercials for this and were so confused. Thanks for clearing it up!

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  4. Linda from KY says:

    I have no intention of wasting my time, tbh. It holds no appeal to me, knowing as I do that the Amish are a peace-loving people who often won’t press charges against people who have committed crimes against them. The term “Amish Mafia” is an oxymoron.

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  5. Debbie from Ky says:

    Anymore television will do anything to make a buck. It upsets me that they are using shows such as this to make money. If they knew the Amish, would they show garbage such as this?

    I’d also be intrested to hear what your opinion is about the previous show “Breaking Amish” is. True? False?

    Always look forward to your column, thanks!

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  6. Yip. here they go again. Insulting our intelligence. Where do they get these morons? Are they miffed because the Amish do not watch T.V.? One taste of breaking Amish, and honey boo boo gave me a slight case of e-coli,or maby it’s referred to as tv-coli ya think. Well back to my quilting. Thanks Keven.

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