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My friend Rita in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania (no, she is a not a groundhog, but I do consider Rita my friend, she is a wonderful reader who reads The Amish Cook in The Punxsutawney Spirit and has been very helpful to me over the past year!)  Anyway, she attended a wedding of an Amish couple in Pennsylvania a year or so ago and shared with me some rare photos of the cake which I thought I would share with all of you. We are, after all,  approaching Amish wedding season.

amish wedding cake

The cake is very plain in both color and decor, but still ornate enough to mark the occasion. Also, notice the table service next to the cake, far fancier than what you’d find at almost any other time. The wider shot below shows some of the pretty flowers and other decor to mark this great day.   The cake is displayed in a “wedding corner”, which is common custom among the Amish.

amish wedding cake

Most Amish wedding cakes are pretty plain.  I wrote about Amish wedding cakes last year and linked to a photo of a wedding cake made by an Amish woman in Fredonia, Pennsylvania. Notice the fancier flair to that cake?

We are heading into Amish wedding season in many Midwestern settlements. About a month from now the weddings will really be ramping up.  In more southern settlements, the wedding season is winding down. Weddings are often held in the winter in Amish communities in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas to avoid the summer heat.  Amish wedding cakes are delicious.  It’s not uncommon to have what are called “side cakes”, which are additional cakes to complement the main cake. Obviously the cake above wouldn’t be big enough to feed the entire wedding crowd.  At this wedding there was leftover cake which was bagged up and given to Amish guests as they left.

There is no “official wedding season”….Amish weddings are very common in May, June, and July in Amish communities in the Midwest, but October has become increasingly popular.

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The Discussion

  1. It looks like somebody ran a nail across the top of the cake – and what’s the round thing in the middle of the back?

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  2. Cindy Linn says:

    Most likely the object at the top of the cake is just a decoration. I’ve seen several Amish wedding cakes over the years and the comment typically made to me is that most young Amish brides are no different than most English brides. –they want pretty things on their wedding day.

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  3. The cakes are fancier than I imagined. I thought Amish weddings were mostly in the fall after harvest. I guess I have been reading too many Amish fiction books, ya think.

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  4. That wedding corner is very pretty and the cake is very pretty too.

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  5. I enjoyed looking over all the wedding cakes. the ones from Pennsylvania
    w/the fresh flowers were exceptionally nice. I read the comments about
    those cakes and had a chuckle about the lady who married in 1959 whose
    mother wouldn’t allow her to have blue swans on her cake. My brother and
    sister in law’s cake (1953), had white swans on it.
    It is a shame that the cake above cracked, hope the marriage lasts longer.

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