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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Kentuckylady717

    Just where is this ? I am from KY and never saw an Amish person or even heard of them….then moved to Michigan, and lived there for years, never saw any or even heard of them….then moved to Ohio, and now I see them all the time at Walmart, and going and coming from town….we even have a Deli in town and they carry KEIM’S Amish products, bakery items, meats and lots and lots of canned items are there to purchase….just went today and purchased a Peach fried pie and an Apple fried pie…..very good…..a bit expensive tho…..they also had the cream horns, will try one of those later…..just sayin 🙂

  2. mary watson

    the creme horns are the best i have ever tasted

    1. Elaine B.

      Hi Mary, Where did you get the good cream horns? They are hard to find now days.

  3. Kentuckylady717

    Thanks Mary, did you buy them from Keim’s ?

  4. Brenda

    We live near this – If not mistaken they serve meals to raise funds for their school – it is in the basement of the building and we have eaten there a couple of times – I feel sure it is the same place from looking at the pics and thinking they still servemonthly – I had forgotten about it have been jogged back into searching info for their serving dates and ready to visit again – why?…. yummy!

    1. Kevin

      Brenda, you are correct..they do serve the meals once a month, sounds yummy!

      1. Dixie Suthard

        They have a store in Crofton where my husband and I shopped recently. He heard they had a certain item for Arthiritis and sure enough we found it. The store was full of shoppers that day. We have also been to their dinners and there is always a good turnout and the food is wonderful.

      2. Kevin

        Dixie, thanks for sharing that, I’d love to go sometime myself!

  5. Marvin Ropp


    Just came across your interest about the Amish in Crofton KY. area. I am x-Amish and I my grandparents lived in Gutherie, KY. So I am very familiar with the area.

    The reason for contacting you, I travel to many Amish communities and teach them “How To Prevent Mineral Deficiency Diseases In: Plants Animals and You and Your Family.

    I will be at the:
    Blue Grass Sale Stable
    205 Tress Shop Road
    Trenton, KY. 42286
    on the 25th of Oct at 6 pm with Dr. Joel Wallach as the guess speaker, you are invited to come and If you know any Amish neighbors in your area that would like to come as well, please feel free to bring them along.


    Marvin Ropp
    (801) 391-0193


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