St. Ignatius Supper – Part I

St. Ignatius Supper - Part I, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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I’ve hesitated posting these photos for awhile, no, there’s nothing racy about them:)  Unless your heart races at amazing food like the kind you are about to see.  Rachel and I were attending a Sunday evening supper in St. Ignatius, Montana New Order Amish settlement a couple of years ago.  There was an amazing meal followed by a very enjoyable singing session.  There were two long tables, one was a dessert line, the other for supper and salads. Why have I hesitated to post the photos?  I had permission from those in attendance to take the food photos.  So why hesitate?  I know if I post these, everyone will ask me for recipes for the items!:)  But these photos are too delicious-looking and culturally insightful to let pass, so I am just going to share them.  It was a large gathering it would have been difficult to pin down each person who made each dish and there’s a lot of fellowship and visiting at such an occasion that swap recipes.  So, sit back and enjoy and maybe a few of you can reverse engineer some of these recipes.  Below is a fruit pizza of some sort and doesn’t it look amazing?   Now, stay tuned for dessert photos from this event which I’ll post later!:) We do have some good recipes from St. Ignatius coming up in the upcoming cookbook, Amish Cooks Across America.

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The Discussion

  1. Wow, Kevin. Those pictures are incredible. I can see why you hesitated to publish them. They are food porn! You’re right, I would love to have the recipes. Cannot figure out what kind of a dish the top one is with the tomatoes.

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    • Rita Knisely says:

      that salad looks like TACO salad to me.
      looks good. Rita

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  2. Linda Bolt says:

    I think what I am seeing is a kind of salad, layered on a large tray? I’m liking these ideas, as we have our son’s wedding coming up, and I’m interested in ideas for feeding people. Everything looks so delicious!

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  3. Angela L. says:

    the ‘fruit pizza’ looks to be a layered salad with chopped yellow and red cherry tomatoes on it. :)

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