Sunday Evening Singing

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This is a wonderful photo that Diann shared with us.  It’s from one of my favorite Amish settlements and I just think this scene captures so much of what is good about Amish culture: the community, fellowship, simplicity and serenity.
Here is how Diann describes the scene:
The buggies were lined up for an Amish singing in Belle Center, OH, on CR51. We happened to be camping and were out enjoying an evening drive, when I mentioned to Bill I thought there would be a singing that evening. All of a sudden, we started seeing buggies coming from all directions and we saw them all pulling into a lane there. It was awesome to see all the young men dressed in their Sunday clothes, with their black pants and black hats. They sure looked handsome. A lot of the girls also drove in, in their buggies. All of them had closed buggies….
Sunday evening singings are a staple of Amish youth culture.  This is often where teenagers meet their future mates, make friends, and just have some good, clean fun before beginning the long work-week ahead.  Often food is served, young people food: pizza, haystack, or tacos.  Ah, to be young again!  As you can see this settlement has very traditional buggies with the bright orange triangle safety emblem displayed.  Just 20 minutes away in the more conservative Mt. Victory community the buggies only display grey reflectors. Thanks for the photo, Diann!

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