YouTube Friday: Horses Make Ice Cream; Mennonites in Tennessee, Milverton Auction, and Amish School Visit

YouTube Friday: Horses Make Ice Cream; Mennonites in Tennessee, Milverton Auction, and Amish School Visit, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Okay, it is Friday, time to explore what video magic exists in cyberspace about anything and everything Plain.  We have some neat stuff today so let’s dive right into it.

HORSE-DRAWN ICE CREAM:  At the annual Mennonite-run auction in Rich Hill,  Missouri, the organizers decided to add a little horsepower to their ice cream cranking.   It kind of looks like the horses are on one of those incline treadmills at the gym. Check it out here!

MILVERTON, ONTARIO AMISH AUCTION:  The videographers keep calling this a Mennonite event, but I really think they are visiting the annual July Amish auction held as a fund-raiser for the school.  What struck me about this footage is how H-U-G-E the auction seems to be. In fact, it looks like it goes well beyond just your garden variety Amish school auction and is also partly just one large flea market with plenty of non-Amish vendors there.  But, wow, there is also a huge Amish presence there too.  The auction footage is really neat. And as an added bonus, at the end of the video, you can see and learn about the quintessentially Canadian dish poutine.   Any poutine fans among our readers?   Click here to watch this 7 minute video tour of the Milverton auction and then eat some poutine. I do love Canada…

DELANO, TENNESSEE:  This is more of a slide show than a video.  This is a slide show of what looks like an Old Order Mennonite settlement in Delano,Tennessee.  This is not a settlement I was familiar with, but after watching the slide show I would love to go.  This would be one of the southern-most OOM communities in the United States and I just love soaking in the pastoral, bucolic Dixie landscape.  Hurry up and come spring and summer!  Click here for the slide-show.

AMISH SCHOOL HOUSE:  This is rather unusual, close-range footage of an Amish school.  No indication of what the location is.  The videographer, I believe, is Portuguese.  It appears he had permission to film.  The video is close-up and I highly doubt that he’d just be standing there so close filming without permission.  I could do without the Madam Butterfly music in the background, but otherwise this is fascinating footage.  Click here to see.


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