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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. dynajo

    reminds me of sugar cream. It was delicious. I highly suggest you try it.

  2. Peggy Bard

    How much milk?

    1. Kevin

      Oops…2 1 /4 cups “rich milk” I added that omission in, thanks Peggy. Recipe of the recipe appears as it does in the book.

      1. Betsy

        What is considered “rich milk”?

      2. Kevin

        Hi, Betsy, in this case it just means whole milk. You don’t want to use skim or lowfat, whole milk with all its fat!:) – Kevin

  3. Diane

    It’s like Hoosier Sugar Cream pie. It’s not a custard because it doesn’t have eggs.

  4. Peggy Bard

    Yes, like Hoosier Old Fashioned Cream Pie. I have found that every family in Indiana has their own family’s recipe..each a little different, but delicious, just the same. Some sprinkle Nutmeg on top, some sprinkle Cinnamon. Our neighbor used to call her’s “Finger Pie”, because she put the ingredients in the pie shell, then stirred it with her finger!

  5. Jill Stratman

    When I read that I had to go find my recipe for “Amish Sugar Cream Pie” as it looked almost identical. It is, except that mine adds an additional 1/4 c brown sugar and the milk is 2 1/2 rather than the 2 1/4 listed here. The recipe I have has the vanilla and cinnamon as well.. 1 tsp each. It is indeed a wonderfully delicious pie. I can’t quite imagine it without the brown sugar though as it gives it the slightest butterscotch flavor that is just soooo good. I used to make this for my Mother when she came to visit. Needless to say, we both looked forward to her visits!

    1. Kevin

      Well, I think I know what we can call this recipe now:) Glad you found the new site, I was going to email you today actually to tell you about it, but you beat me to it!

      1. Jill Stratman

        I did and I love it!! I knew it was supposed to be up around this time, but of course I didn’t remember that on my own. I saw a post on my FB that made reminded me lol

  6. Nancy LaLiberte

    If you’re in Indiana, sometimes it’s called Old Fashioned Cream Pie, and sometimes Sugar Cream Pie. If you like good, simple food, order a slice, and you’ll never forget the taste. To me, it’s Heaven On a Pie Plate. In Middlebury, try it at The Village Inn.

  7. June Cox

    My grandmother always had “Old Fashion Cream Pie” ready for us in her cupboard. It was made with both brown and white sugar, cream and milk , a little flour and dotted with butter and cinnamon ( or nutmeg ). My grandmother was supposedly Pennsylvania Dutch and many dishes were called by German sounding names. Her family migrated to northern Indiana from Virginia, so I don’t know if that computes. Were there Amish or Mennonites in Virginia? My great grandparents left the South prior to the Civil War and I know my great Uncle was part of the Underground Railroad in Indiana.

    1. Kevin

      June, I think what you are saying makes historical sense. There were for a time many Amish and Mennonites in the Shenendoah Valley (still are), communities today are near Dayton and Stuart’s Draft and some still have close ties to northern Indiana, so makes sense to me as is the affection for cream pie…in fact, what you are saying is interesting…Indiana is sort of assumed to be the birthplace of sugar cream pie, but some accounts have it being brought to the state by Amish and Mennonites from the east


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