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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Carol

    What does your wife do…is she a stay-at-home Mom?
    Are you Mennonite?
    Do U, or your friends, have a recipe “Made from Scratch”, for Coconut Cream pie, that U could share??
    Have you ever visited the AMISH/Mennonite Community near South Wayne, Wisconsin?
    I have heard of a family bakery there, called “Pilgrim’s Pantry”, close to their home, on old Hwy. 11.
    Just wondered how far that is from where U live, and if you have ever visited there?
    Thank You, and Blessings~

    1. Kevin

      Hi, Carol – Welcome…my wife is a stay at home Mom…We are not Mennonite…Good to know about the settlement at South Wayne. I have been close,…I have visited the settlement at Brodhead, so I’ll keep South Wayne in mind next time I am in the area and I’ll definitely stop at Pilgrim’s Pantry! I will ask The Amish Cook columnist to see if she has a coconut cream pie recipe to share.

  2. Kevin

    Wow, Brenda, thanks for the info, I had never heard of the Amish settlement at Forest Hill, it must be tiny! I’ll check it out sometime!

  3. Tammy Vaughn


    I used to be Mennonite. In Ithaca, Michigan there is a Mennonite owned Bakery and Restaurant called “The Hearthstone Bakery”. Ithaca is located about 10 miles south of “The Middle of the Mitten”. They have been in business several years now and it’s very successful. Come anytime.

    1. Kevin

      Thanks, Tammy, that sounds good..I’ll check out that place next time I am up there!

  4. diane papke

    hi. i have a question. i know the amish use gas lamps for their light. womdered if they used the battery flameless candles.

    1. Kevin

      Diane, I’ve not seen that…I’ve seen Amish using battery-powered lamps…so I think flameless candles would be well-received in some communities.


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