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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Virginia

    Kevin, I only locked my car keys in the car one time. I was so embarrassed that I always put my keys in my right pocket, after that. Especially when shopping. I figured someone might steal my purse but it would be harder for them to steal my car keys without my knowledge with them in my pocket and I would have a way to get home. It’s a hassle but cards are easier to replace than a car. My bank card I disciplined myself to always put it back where it came from as soon as I was done using it. For me, that’s a wallet and I keep the cards in the same place…always. I don’t know if that helps. I know they say that habits make it easier for people to track your movements (if they are looking to break in) but habits are needed for people who have trouble remembering where they put something…kind of like hiding presents that you buy early but you find a hiding place so good that even you can’t find them….just make some good habits for where you place your keys and bank cards.

    1. Kevin

      Virginia, good advice and you’re exactly right, it’s down to developing good habits…the bank card is always tough because if I’m going through a drive-through line, I’m dealing with bags of food, have a car behind me impatiently waiting, I want to just drive away and not take the extra 10 seconds to rummage through my wallet to put the card back in, but I need to do that….

  2. Pam

    Hate to say it Kevin, but welcome to the “getting old” part of your life. Take yourself back 10 years and you probably didn’t have any of these problems, right? Your problem is not unique to you, but very similar to all of us creeping up there. Just have to sit back and laugh at yourself and remember you’re not alone.

  3. brenda

    oh my the stories i could tell about my husband’s challenges with this sort of thing. after too many important things being left behind at a mkt etc and lost keys, we finally had to resort to the ck book is in my purse and a ck goes into his wallet when he goes for something. No bank card in his wallet. minimal things go with him so we have fewer notifications or renewals..
    after so many lost keys and expense for the lockmaster, we waited for a great sale on the TILE. The Tile has been terrific for his wallet, cane, keys. Now if we could just get one that fits his phone. It could be registered with the phone but with the other objects tied to that system the lost phone cannot be used to locate those other items so i have them on mine. Just as with so many other challenges, it really is a family issue and requires full involvement. not treating this as something that affects the entire family couple just increases the stress which exacerbates the challenge. with all the other things we need to work on prayer is a major element.

    1. Kevin

      I heard about “The Tile” for the first time yesterday when a friend told me about it, I think I’ll have to put that on my birthday wish list!


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