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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Teresa

    This was a great post. Such fun to read about your brother’s interviews. I loved Ann B. Davis and grew up watching the Brady Bunch every Friday night at 8pm before The Partridge Family. I own the whole DVD set from all five seasons and have watched every episode countless times with my two boys, who love it equally as much. Alice was the center of that household and such a wonderful comedic actress. So sad to read of her passing earlier in the week. My only celebrity sighting was about 25 years ago in Beverly Hills on a post-college vacation trip to CA. I was eating dinner at Spago with a girlfriend and Rob Reiner sat at the table next to us and ordered dinner–very cool.

    1. Kevin

      So cool, i lived rob Reiner in his all in the family role!

  2. Barbarainnc

    I met Paula Deen, Jamie and Bobby Deen at the Lady and Sons Restaurant. They also signed my cookbooks I took, in case they were there. This was 10 years ago, she had just gotten married. Also got to see her hubby. I met Momma Dip at her restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC. She also signed her cookbook for me.
    Got to meet Alton Brown at a Cooking show in Raleigh, NC. He signed my cookbooks and took pictures.

    So that is all the famous people I have met.

    1. Kevin

      Cool, who is mama dip?

  3. Nancy LaLiberte

    George Carlin asked me for directions to a theater. Very fun.

  4. Barbarainnc

    She owns a Country Cooking Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC. GO TAR HEELS!!! 🙂 🙂
    She has been on QVC, the shopping channel many years ago with her cookbooks.
    They have really good country cooking there. YUM YUM!!!

  5. Christine McDermott

    When I was a youngster, (1960 something) my cousin and I went over to the Little League World Series ( that’s a plug for my area), I wasn’t watching where I was going, I literally walked right into Jim McKay from ABC’s Wide World of Sports. He was with Chris Schenkel. I can remember Chris was very tall and Jim was average height.. They were both so nice and kept asking me if I was alright, when it was my fault. I was in awe and a little embarrassed at the same time..LOL
    This year marks the 75th anniversary of Little League, The date this year is Thursday, Aug. 14 and concludes on Sunday, Aug. 24, with the World Series Championship Game.
    This is the front page of today’s paper. These ARE the original players that are still surviving.
    Thanks Kevin for letting me promote the S. Williamsport . PA area.

    Thank you Kevin for letting me promote the Willliamsport, Pa area.

    1. Christine McDermott

      Oh and I forgot that I did meet you and Rachael when you came to Sunbury’s Library.

      1. Kevin

        LOL, good one, Christine!:)

  6. Sheila Carter

    I met Ernest Borgnine several years ago at a truckstop. I have his autograph and a picture of me with him. He was really nice. Some of the drivers called their wives and Ernie talked to them. He invited me and my husband to go see his new motorhome (bus) but I was chicken. Wish now I had gone inside it.

  7. Missy

    Oh, I’ve met so many. My dad was a motor sports promoter and from time to time Hollywood would come and film at one or the other of his tracks. In the early 70’s they made a movie called “Steelyard Blues” and I met Donald Sutherland and Peter Boyle. Another time they filmed a movie called “Heroes” and I met Henry Winkler and Harrison Ford and was actually invited to their “wrap party” in Hollywood. That was something. Another movie filmed at the track was “Tucker”. Met Jeff Bridges, Martin Landau, Christian Slater, and Nina something Polish sounding name who was on West Wing. Those are the main people I’ve met though there have been others not at the tracks. Like Jonathan Frid from Dark Shadows.Met him at Marineworld in California. I’ve been very lucky. By the way, my Dalmatian dog was also in Tucker and is seen in the first few minutes of the film.

    1. Kevin

      Ah, Tucker…I forgot about that movie….a classic!


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