Troyer’s in Pinecraft Changes Hands…

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Right now, Pinecraft, Florida is bustling with activity. I’ve written before about this unique Amish enclave (I’ll post more in the coming weeks since it is the busy season there) which serves as a winter refuge of sorts for weary Amish snowbirds to escape the cold.  I’d have to think, though, that with the oven-like winter we’ve experienced in most of the Midwest that Pinecraft probably has seen fewer people this year (pure conjecture on my part). There are a handful of Amish style restaurants in Pinecraft andYoder’s is by far my favorite. I hope Yoder’s continues to maintain it’s quirky charm and great food.  It’s such a dichotomy because the more popular the place becomes the natural urge is to expand but then that can water down the very charm that attracts people in the first place.  Yoder’s has been able to maintain it’s menu and attracts an eclectic mix of customners from hard-hat construction workers to Old Order Amish.  That, tom me, is the real mark of success.Their fried chicken has legions of fans and their pie is amazing.  I almost missed a flight out of Tampa once because I just had to swing by Yoder’s on the way from Naples just to get a piece of butterscotch pie.  And as Rachel I barreled towards the airport way behind schule, stuck in traffic, I savored every butterscotchy bite.  The sprawling place across the street has OK food, but it just lacks the ambiance and authenticity of Yoder’s.  That place is Troyer’s Dutch Heritage, which used to be Der Dutchman, and is now going to revert back to Der Dutchman. Confused yet? Read the article, but go to Yoders:).


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The Discussion

  1. Darlene Kistler-Alvord says:

    I have been to Yoders,,,,,, love it…. also Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, IN, which was mentioned in the newspaper article….. it is also a very good place to eat.

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    • Kevin,the Essenhous in Middlebury,In.has delicious butterscotch pie.Their fried chicken is really good too.

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