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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Jodi Ridlon

    My husband and I were on a trip to the RV MAPS convention about 15 years ago and we broke down in our motor home. The Lord really blessed us as we had some dear military friends we were able to get in touch with. They invited us to come stay with them’For almost a month we stayed with them in Kenosha WI. While we were there we went to an Amish Furniture store where they had ordered a table and benches. While we waited we looked around and bought a few things. One of the items was a jar or cherry butter. I had never heard of it and we put it up for when we got ready to continue our trip. I was sorry I had put it away as we loved it and I could never find it again. I don’t know if this is available anywhere but I would love to get some if it is.
    I know this is for comments, but I thought this may be the only chance I get to ask a question so many people see. We have so many favorites out of the Amish cookbooks I have gotten, but nothing beats the cherry butter.Thanks for listening. I’ll watch for comments. Blessings Jodi

    1. Kevin

      Jodi…hmmm, Cherry Butter, sounds amazing….I’ll ask someone of the Amish people I know and report back!

  2. titt

    You actually revealed it terrifically!

  3. Dee

    waiting patiently for the Cherry Butter recipe too ! Sounds delish!

  4. Ms. Catherine Melba Alston Hardy

    I like; Thank you

  5. Marie Czarnecki

    I have been in Pennsylvania, and the Amish people are very nice people.


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