Strawberry Jell-o Cake

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Jell-o cakes are popular at Amish gatherings. They are easy and fast to whip up.  The cake’s popularity is an example of some of the more processed/prepackaged ingredients that are finding their way into Amish cooking. But the cake is yummy!:)  This is a photo of homemade Jell-o cake that I took at Lovina’s house.  Yum!  And this is a commonly used recipe for the cake, many Amish cooks use this:
1 white cake mix
1 3 oz. package strawberry Jell-O
1 package frozen strawberries
1 container topping like Cool Whip

Bake cake according to directions. Mix Jell-o with 1 cup warm water. Make several holes in top of cake without going through and then pour Jell-o over cake, Thaw strawberries and pour onto the cake. Add Cool Whip over all and refrigerate until chilled.Serve.

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The Discussion

  1. I remember when I was about 8 years old (some 35 years ago!), I went to a friend’s birthday party and came home just raving about her orange birthday cake. My mom called me friend’s mother several days later for the recipe, thinking it was an orange slice cake, orange pound cake, etc. She just laughed thinking how such a simple “Jello Poke Cake” was what I was making such a fuss over. She still makes them for me today and I love them! We substitute orange jello and madarin oranges in the above recipe. To make it special for tailgating our Clemson Tigers, we add a box of vanilla pudding (made to directions) with the whipped topping and add a few drops of yellow and red food coloring to make it orange.

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  2. Remember when this was a “new” thing, when my kids were small. My sisters
    in law and I made them for all of the family gatherings. Can taste the
    strawberries even tho it is winter and gloomy here in SW Ohio. Any Red
    Flavor was the favorite.

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