The Mystery Buildings Of Berne, Part II

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Last week we discussed structures that some Amish farmsteads in the Berne area have on their property.  This is another photo of a different building on another property, provided to us by Ann, one of our readers. The style and structure are the same as the first one I posted.  The buildings seem to be made of cinderblock or concrete and are built atop a mound or small hill.  We’ve had all sorts of good guesses from root cellars to smoke-houses to ice houses, but no one seems to know for sure.  The late Elizabeth Coblentz, who lived in the Berne area, didn’t have such a structure on her property so I don’t have any first-hand knowledge. I could ask Lovina, or next time I am in the Berne area I’ll stop in and ask someone.  That said, if anyone knows for sure – because it’ll be awhile before I make it back to Berne – could let us know.  Meanwhile, any more guesses?

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The Discussion

  1. The area I grew up in around Kokomo IN had similiar ones. They had two uses: Root/canning cellar and storm cellar. They were probably built for the first and someone realized they were perfect for the second.

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